Morrisons Vouchers FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

Here is the list of all questions related to Morrisons.

Morrisons Vouchers FAQ

What is a Digital Coupon at Morrisons?

Digital coupons at Morrisons are electronic vouchers where customers redeem benefits.

Morrisons designates digital coupons for customers who access shopping via the web or the mobile app. A customers’ tokens for in-store purchases do not qualify for digital coupon benefits. 

Customers can redeem digital coupons in three ways:

  • Coupons for Money off – you pay less for the total amount you shop. If the terms are not clear, the minimum amount you can use your coupon voucher is set at £40
  • Product-specific coupons – These apply to a product that is in stock. Else, Morrisons will deliver a substitute for it. The terms are clear on the saving the coupon entitles the customer. Once a customer redeems the savings or benefits, the coupon voucher expires even if with a substitute.
  • Coupons for free delivery – where a customer benefits from free delivery slots spelled out at precise dates and timelines. A minimum of £ 40 must be spent to qualify for free delivery. While shopping via the web or the app, the free slots show as an icon of a red van. And the customer selects the slot that best suits their free delivery as a way of redeeming the coupons.

How Do I Get 10% Off at Morrisons?

From time to time, you can get a 10% off at Morrisons if you are an NHS club member and aged 16 and above. Customers qualify if they make in-store purchases via the app for shopping not less than £ 40.

Also, customers must first download and install the mobile app to register as an NHS club member and facilitate scanning of the in-app bar code.

For redeeming the 10% off, a customer’s physical presence is required. And once expiry happens, the validity of the discount lapses.

What Can You Spend Morrisons Vouchers On?

Customers can only spend Morrisons vouchers for products. However, the items in the list here are excluded:

  • Fuels
  • Alcoholic drinks in Wales and Scotland 
  • Spirits in England
  • Pharmaceutical or Tobacco products
  • Lotteries, online gaming or cashbacks
  • Infant milk formulas
  • Saving or postage stamps
  • Mobile phones airtime top-ups

A few applicable conditions also bar a customer from redeeming the vouchers.

Two of those are:

  • You must not be an employee to qualify. And of course, this is for the elimination of conflict of interest situations.
  • When redeeming, the vouchers may not apply for goods ordered before the voucher’s validity period. So you cannot apply the tokens to redeem products retrospectively.

Can Morrisons Vouchers Be Used for Petrol?

Holders of Morrisons vouchers may get chances to redeem coupons for petrol from time to time.

However, the redeeming must be at designated stations run by Morrisons. Also, customers must shop for not less than £ 40 – which excludes certain products (lottery tickets, cash backs, fuel, and milk)

Plus, customers have to check out which stations apply as some smaller outlets or stations of Morrisons are not allowed to redeem.

Can Morrisons Vouchers Be Used for Alcohol?

Morrisons vouchers cannot be used for alcoholic drinks. 

Under the terms and conditions, customers may not redeem the vouchers for spirits in England and for Alcoholics beverages in Wales and Scotland.

Can Morrisons Vouchers Be Used Online?

Morrisons can make arrangements to provide the vouchers electronically for shoppers via the web or the mobile app for groceries. 

Note, however, that any vouchers a customer obtains in-stores may not qualify.

Does Morrisons Give Discount to Blue Light?

There are discounts accessible for holders of a Blue Light Card. Especially for Members with exceptional service from the NHS and Emergency services who are holders of the card have an offer. 

The offer also extends to NHS staff subject to terms and conditions spelled out.

Holders of the card qualify for a discount amounting to 10% –  which they should claim for in-store purchases. Therefore, it requires the physical presence of the claimants.

How Do I Link My Morrisons Discount Card Online?

Linking a Morrisons discount card online is a process that follows the steps below:

  1. Log into your account at New users must register first before logging in
  2. Navigate to the – Get Started tab, which is within the section for Online Discounts
  3. Click on a link to a form to retrieve your customer number- and write it somewhere, or you can memorize it.
  4. Read the terms and conditions. If you are okay, click on a checkbox below the information (Check on the three boxes to confirm compliance with terms). Click continue to proceed.
  5. Fill in the details to activate the-Morrisons Colleague Discount page. Your email should correspond to the one you opened the account with.
  6. Lock your account using a memorable password. Go over to your email inbox and lookup for a confirmation email.

Tip: Ensure you check the junk/spam folder in case it is missing in the main inbox

  1. Reading through the confirmation email, find and click on the link to confirm your account registration. Note: Login details must align with those provided in the registration process.
  2. Lastly, link your account using the customer number (refer to step 4 above). Allow for up to 7 working days for your discounts to work through.

What is a Morrisons 5 More Voucher?

The Morrisons 5 More voucher is a former scheme that lapsed in May 2021. A customer used to redeem every 5000 points for a voucher worth £5. 

That change also came with the termination of the printing of physical cards, so damaged ones have no opportunities for replacements.

Holders of the Morrisons 5 more vouchers and points were notified as early as March of 2021 of the plans to change. To accommodate the transition, the extension granted was up to 56 weeks for the customers to redeem or forfeit the accumulated points and or free sign up and activate their accounts with new changes.

Do Morrisons Have Loyalty Schemes?

From May 10th, 2021, Morrisons offers a loyalty scheme known as My Morrisons More. The scheme is more flexible with online access and free sign-in features. 

According to Morrisons, the new model aims to bring more personalization into the offers by aligning the unique tendencies of every shopper.

Also, My Morrison More provides instant activations of the customer cards – and shoppers can activate them online or using an app before using them for check-off at the tills.

How Does Morrisons Loyalty Card Work?

The transition into the new loyalty scheme results from customer feedback. 

And Morrisons adopted a more robust scheme with instant offers where customers can redeem the goodies via mobile apps and online shopping services. 

Going paperless is one way the Morrisons live to their word on environmental conservation.